Our Work space is the most feature packed Action engine in comparison any other Task Management solutions available also our unique ( Patent Pending ) scheduling and scoring feature is one of its kind ever featured

Try and feel the difference

    ToDOList Asana Trello Wonderlist TTM
Activity linked to Initiatives           Yes
Activity Linked to Training and know how           Yes
Collobration on RACI ( Responsibility, Accountability, Colloboration, Infomed)           Yes
Activity Linked to  KPI           Yes
Activity that has quality control           Yes
Activity that can raise discussions            Yes
Activity based on virtual identity           Yes
Automatic organizational Hierarchy Embedded           Yes
Activity that automatically gets Initiative  members as app rovers           Yes
Activity Rating Mechanism           Yes
Activity automatically linked to objects           Yes
secured communication channel           Yes
Activity with Pause and play Mechanism           Yes
Activity Escalation with real time attendance           Yes
Manual and online complete methods           Yes
Auto Approval           Yes
Checklist attachment and auto scheduling           Yes
Looping of task , Subtask, Checklist, Resources with their own recurrences and sequencing           Yes
Activity linked reporting           Yes
KRA and KPI           Yes
Duration tracking and time intelligent           Yes
Conditional Scheduling            Yes
TASKS   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easily create tasks for yourself or assign one to a teammate.   Yes Yes     Yes
Sub tasks   Yes       Yes
Achieve more by breaking big tasks into smaller sub-tasks (multi-level).   Yes       Yes
PROJECTS     Yes     Yes
Organize your tasks into shared projects for your initiatives, meetings, and programs.     Yes     Yes
Sub projects   Yes       Yes
Manage complexity by breaking big projects into smaller sub-projects (multi-level).   Yes       Yes
SECTIONS     Yes     Yes
Sections let you customize to match your workflows and add structure to any project.     Yes     Yes
Due dates ensure every task gets completed on time.     Yes     Yes
Intuitive dates   Yes        
Easily add due dates using normal language, such as "monday at 2pm".   Yes        
Due Dates         Yes Yes
Set Due Dates so that no deadline is missed.         Yes Yes
Powerful recurring dates   Yes       Yes
Create repeating due dates naturally like typing "every friday at 8am".   Yes       Yes
Real-time data synchronization   Yes       Yes
Never think about syncing, we do it for you in real-time across all devices and platforms.   Yes       Yes
Folders         Yes Yes
Group all related lists in one easily accessible Folder.         Yes Yes
Labels and filters   Yes       Yes
Put tasks into contexts via labels, a great way to become even more organized. Create custom filters that fit your workflow.   Yes       Yes
View team activity across boards.       Yes   Yes
Organize and associate boards with Collections       Yes   Yes
Sort by recently active, most members, most starred, or alphabetically       Yes   Yes
Comments   Yes       Yes
Add as many details as you want using task comments. Or attach PDFs, spreadsheets or photos.   Yes   Yes   Yes
ATTACHMENTS     Yes     Yes
Add files from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to any task or Conversation.     Yes      
HEARTS     Yes      
Say thanks, give a thumbs up, or vote for a task with a heart. Why "like" when you can ?     Yes      
Grant observer-only access to collaborators outside of your team       Yes   Yes
Restrict member invitations       Yes   Yes
Restrict board visibility       Yes   Yes
Host all your communication in one place, accessible for all.         Yes Yes
Comment directly on a task, to clarify exactly what needs to be done.     Yes     Yes
Discuss a project's progress to keep the momentum going.     Yes     Yes
TEAM PAGES     Yes     Yes
Have Conversations and see all of a team's projects in one place.     Yes     Yes
TASK ASSIGNEES     Yes     Yes
Give tasks a clear owner, so everyone knows who's responsible.     Yes     Yes
FOLLOWERS     Yes     Yes
Only get updates for the work you care about by following  tasks and projects.     Yes     Yes
GUESTS     Yes     Yes
Collaborate with vendors, contractors, and partners     Yes     Yes
Share and collaborate   Yes       Yes
Share projects, delegate tasks and discuss details - on any device or platform!   Yes       Yes
Assign admins to control privacy settings       Yes   Yes
Deactivate former members without losing any history of their work       Yes   Yes
Share lists         Yes Yes
Share your lists with colleagues, friends and family.         Yes Yes
All your devices         Yes Yes
Free on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and the Web.         Yes Yes
Multiple priorities   Yes       Yes
Focus on what's important using  color-coded priority levels.   Yes       Yes
Visualize your productivity   Yes       Yes
you can track your productivity and visualize your achievement trends over time.   Yes       Yes
Notifications   Yes       Yes
Get notified when important changes happen via emails or push notifications.   Yes       Yes
Updates via push, email and in-app notifications.   Yes     Yes Yes
Reminders   Yes       Yes
Get reminded via email, push notification or SMS. Also receive location-based alerts when on‑the‑go.   Yes       Yes
Add a Reminder to make sure no to-do is forgotten.         Yes Yes
Notes         Yes Yes
Add Notes to make sure all your ideas are captured.         Yes Yes
Mail         Yes Yes
Turn emails into actions by simply forwarding them.         Yes Yes
Add anything from the web straight to your project         Yes Yes
Tags         Yes  
Use hashtags to add more context to your to-dos.         Yes  
Print         Yes Yes
Print your to-dos and lists with just one click.         Yes Yes
VIEWS     Yes     Yes
MY TASKS     Yes     Yes
Plan your day with a prioritized to-do list.     Yes     Yes
INBOX     Yes     Yes
Get automatic updates about just the tasks that matter to you.     Yes     Yes
SEARCH     Yes     Yes
Powerful search helps you find the work you need quickly.     Yes     Yes
DASHBOARDS     Yes     Yes
Check progress on all the projects you care about in one customization view.     Yes     Yes
CALENDARS     Yes     Yes
See any list of tasks on a Calendar to get a clear view of when work is due.     Yes     Yes
FILES VIEW     Yes     Yes
Find the files you need quickly or see a gallery view of any project's attachments.     Yes     Yes
INTEGRATION     Yes      
DROPBOX     Yes      
Attach Dropbox files directly to tasks with a built in file chooser.     Yes      
SLACK     Yes      
Post updates to a Slack channel when there are changes in your work-space.     Yes      
CHROME     Yes      
Eliminate passwords and access Asana using your existing corporate credentials.     Yes      
GITHUB     Yes      
Link Github commits to tasks so your team can stay on top of recent code changes.     Yes      
GOOGLE DRIVE     Yes      
The Google Drive file chooser  so you can easily attach files.     Yes      
Integrate your favorite apps right into your boards       Yes    
Easily add members from your Google Apps account       Yes    
Export all your team's data and history in a single click       Yes