TTmail ( performance measureable unified communication tool with zero inbox)

Your Logo embedded Mail solution with all personalised features.

We have a new communication service solution that has a plug and play feature and gives a communication bridge between users, applications and organizations.

It’s a cloud based architecture with a provision where the data can be managed by the licensee as per his requirement and location giving 100 % data privacy and security as your communication data stays with you we only organize,process and deliver.

Since it is part of Tiptop platform hence it provides inbuilt integration with the different application objects the user has Valid license removing any coding or integration effort as any application plugged into the platform has automatic access to the communication pipeline 

  1. Any communication activity across the platform automatically drops into the mail  
  2. The mail can be used to broadcast any information to users by adding them to groups and this is instant messaging
  3. Mails can be received through any normal mailing solution avoiding any changes or extra effort .
  4. Business Mail escalation based on user role in case it has to be attended and the user is not available it will escalate to the assigned user
  5. The messaging has a strong version control so that changes can be made any time but simultaneously the original data is also accessible based on time filter  
  6. Thread grouping an excellent way to get all communication aligned in one thread
  7. Mail close and Auto reopen feature helps in keeping pending replies  in inbox and also gives communication analytic and score of the user
  8. Cross application integration like a task can be marked complete from mail itself
  9. Template management for automating messages based on rules

And many more features that are new and effective in improving communication score of the organizations and users.