Tip Top Platform

(Technology integration unifying Business + IT with simple Plug and play)

Tip Top Platform is built on Distributed N tier Architecture delivering a Robust API engine which has a decoupled design and all the functions are built as services that are embedded with Objective Pipelines  and Business rule engines that can be used as independent service to combine into applications as per the user requirement .

‘Tip Top platform’ Services are Built over Neural Object framework that lays the foundation of AI and BI capabilities

We provide freedom from code development Organizations can focus on process and leave technology to us using our ready API driven platform and applications that are discontinuous and adaptable with current solutions and technologies thereby moving with forward integration reducing the change management resistance



Tip Top Ready Technology Integration Pipelines

  1. User and Group Management Pipeline
  2. License Management Pipeline (create your own application using multiple applications or API)
  3. Business user and group management pipelines
  4. Application Development and management Pipeline
  5. Object Pipeline (neural pipelines used for AI )
  6. Communication and collaboration Pipelines
  7. Time engine/ Location Awareness Pipelines
  8. Object and AI Pipelines
  9. Authorization Pipeline
  10. IOT and device Management Pipelines
  11. BI Pipelines

Tip Top Ready Business Logic Engines

  • Resource Engine
  • Communication and collaboration engine.
  • Notification engine
  • Information and Knowledge Engine
  • OGM Engine.
  • CPM Engine
  • Role Engine
  • Scheduling Engine
  • Delegation Engine
  • Workflow Engine
  • Rule Engine (IFTT)