Business grows on knowledge as it starts with an idea and grows with an idea. Every human mind is a warehouse of knowledge. The KMS module of the TTS is the brain of the entire TTP as this is the core of any beginning. The module has an analytic and utility engine which helps create vision, mission, strategies, actions , training , store procedures , policies. Information is an organization intuitive and analytics wiki that gets linked to any application object through the TTP plug and play functionality. Basically this is the guide of the entire business and is the backbone of risk management and succession planning.

Every job purpose is performed by a person on the guidelines prescribed by the organisations that are called Procedures and Policies. Explaining how to do that job, these need to be clear about the major essentials like location, skills, time priority etc.

The procedures would explain the way to do the thing correctly while at the same time the policy would define what is the right thing.
Hence, a work requires different roles to be assigned called "RACI"
R= Response - Ability (The person who would know how to do the work)
A= Authority (The person who would be the final authority to decide anything related to this work and decides about the procedures and policies )
C= Collaboration role (A contributor and assigned person who would do the work )
I= Inform role ( A person who would be informed to control the whole plan and measure accountability )