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For Service industry the Biggest challenge is to create a roaster with flexible employee shifts and most out of box solutions have limitations on providing such features because of the complexity in creating such a roaster.

The TTP development team took this challenge and our engineers worked closely with hotels and hospitals to understand their requirement and created a modular decoupled roaster engine that gives the user a choice to define as many shifts, leave groups they want with self defined irregularity and attendance rules taking care of rules waterfall design where by default the company rules are applicable and can be modified for groups or individual person .This is integrated with the leave engine that can credit leaves on multiple rule combinations like paid leaves, earned leaves etc.

Also this can generate automatic time sheets for the purpose of generating payslips.

The solution has a host of New industry friendly feature along with a sandbox that can help import pre configured rules for multiple industries the decoupled coding provides numerous user defined rules as per individual requirement..