Our Cloud Services


Tip Top Platform (PAAS)

Future Proof your IT with One platform for all application Infrastructure &  Integration


Tip Top WIKI (KMS)


Get All your Intellectual assets and information at one place with integrated collaboration &  knowledge management solution

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Tip Top mail (MPAAS)
(Message-Mail Platform as a service )

Make your IT,people and processes connected with communication and collaboration platform 

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Tip Top Manager (HUMS)

Complete  Human Resource Development &  Management Solution

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Tip Top People (P-PAAS)
(Profile Platform as a service )

Save time on maintaining people profiles use our ready profile Platform

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Tip Top Business (SERP)

Move Beyond CPM to SERP (Services, Effectiveness, Resources & Planning)

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Tip Top Advisor

Know your Reputation and External Environment

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Custom Products

We have a flexible API library that can help developers create custom ERP solutions or Custom API can be built on our TipTop Planet  eco system

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"There is a Objective reality out there , but we view it through the spectacles of our beliefs, attitudes and values "
David G. Myers
Social Psychology

We help you create goal that can be mandatory , contributory or individual so that all see it through single mind map.  Our performance measurement tools help you monitor the health of your business plan and advise you how to get maximum from minimum . We help create sustainable organizations with the help of advanced methodologies and Risk coverage our advances Utility analytic we can hedge recession or failure of economy or business.