A Human Utility Management System (HUMS) is the latest trend the organizations are looking towards the Human Resource Management (HRM) has been advancing decade over decade trying new techniques and technologies for optimal solutions but the technology has been rapidly developing and the competition and cost have made it important to move from efficiency to effectiveness meaning moving from doing the right thing to Right people doing right thing. At Tip Top People we offer complete development cycle of HRM System

HRIS provides a centralized repository of employee master data that the human resource management (HRM) group needs for completing core human resource (HR) processes. It typically also provides functionality such as recruiting, applicant tracking, time and attendance management, performance appraisals and benefits administration.

HRMS offers greater functionality by adding talent management and human capital management (HCM) options.

The talent management functions often include:

  • Induction.
  • Learning management
  • Succession planning.
  • Career development planning.

The HCM functions often include:

  • Labor tracking, typically a system that tracks all necessary work and distributes that work to workers, often in hourly roles, such as in manufacturing plants.
  • Time entry and evaluation.
  • Workforce scheduling and tracking.

The HRMS is a complete suite that offers all the features required to create and manage an efficient workforce but, the competitive world has a bigger challenge.

“To move the organizations from efficiency to effectiveness”

So that right people do the right thing not just people doing the right thing and this Gap is filled by the modern HUMS systems.

HUM offers greater functionality by adding People Analytics engine and IoT technology bring us the quantified employee.

Major Benefits HUM adds to enterprises to make strong Human Resource Management:

  1. 1. Mobile HR
  2. 2. Talent Management
  3. 3. Workforce Management and Reward
  4. 4. Go Social
  5. 5. Employee Engagement Management

The HUMS Functions Often Includes

  • Auto induction and responsibility transfer process.
  • Appraisal based on analytics driven by KPI and MBO.
  • Delegation engine to ensure Department Charge and Responsibility Delegation.
  • Centralized communication engine linked to delegation rules.
  • Providing a Rule engine with IOT integration and interface directly into HRM to optimize manpower utility and increase effectiveness.
  • Creating a Utility scorecard to categorize workforce.
  • IOT integration for location aware services/ Process Automation and People Infrastructure cost control.


Features, tailor-made for your people

HR involves numerous complex functions and processing. With Tip Top People, you get a simple yet comprehensive and flexible system to manage all your HR processes so you can focus more on your people.

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Manage data efficiently

Streamline both your data collection and secure storage with our employee Self-service portal (My Profile Portal) database management system. Set up your organization using our platform and maintain all your employee records in one central location.

Employee Profile Management:

Tracking employee data and records has never been easier. A centralized HRIS Tip Top People ensures that Employee itself can create its own profile using our self-service portal like personal info, qualification, Experience, Reference, Family and Additional Info.

Add Employees with ease:

However big your workforce is, you can effortlessly add employees in bulk to Tip Top People.

Departments and Designations:

Departments and designations classify your workforce into small groups, delegating work and approvals effectively. Identify competencies and goals for each and every designation and team.

Know your organization tree

Structure Organization creating subsidiary companies, Departments and Designations based on Business structure. Once Organization chart set up than Titles are created which are created for defining work identity.

Effortless HR management

Tip Top People provides all the tools you need to help your HR staff and employees stay efficient, up-to-date, and productive, even on the go.

Single Click on Boarding/ off boarding

Give new employees more responsibility by inviting or adding them via their personal email addresses.

Auto Induction:

Tip Top People helps you effortlessly get new employees up to speed. Describe objectives, cover procedures, introduce the team, trained them, and more the moment your candidate is converted to an employee.

Training Certification:

Create and schedule training, Define Training Type Certification Based on Role of Training, Approve and Update Training Certification.

Boost your performance evaluations

Change the way you do reviews, and see positive developments reflected in employee performance. Give and receive feedback throughout the year, use evaluation modules like KRA, KPI, MOB’s and Goals and customize your appraisal cycle.

Performance Management at its best:

Your people drive your business. The richer your reviews the better your employees' performance. With Tip Top People you can have a 360-degree, continuous feedback system and evaluate employees with customized performance appraisal methods.

  • Once Templates Setup and link to Employee than for future no extra efforts need to put.
  • Auto Appraisal based on criteria defined in KPI and Targets.
  • Integration KPI and targets can be setup based on organization current methodology.
  • Also giving flexibility to Admin to Final Scoring correction if required.

Get everyone's input

Reviews shouldn't be an once-yearly thing. Let employees review their peers, and be reviewed by them, all through the year. With peer review, managers can quickly gather insights about each member of the team.

Create Polling template, Set Questioner for setting up employee feedback and appraisal feedback.

Set goals, define milestone, assign Tasks to achieve growth

Setting clear objectives helps motivate individuals and organizations to do their best. With Tip Top People, employees, admins, or managers can set goals and track their progress. Employees can also get ratings from their managers about completed goals.

Streamline appraisals and reviews

Make the system yours by customizing your appraisal cycle. With self-appraisal, employees can detail their skills and review their results during each appraisal. You can also have multi-level reviewers and make sure all the reporting heads give their reviews. Once you've consolidated the performance reports, you can complete them with a single click.

Detailed performance reports and analytics

Use our powerful analytical features to evaluate employee performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • The CPM module has a strong activity engine that helps in delegating a plan to actions and simultaneously creating score for KRA and KPI.
  • Once all the strategic planning has been made, the plan has to be executed which is done by people. Hence, the company requires people to work to accomplish the goals.
  • To get the people, the company needs to segregate these work requirements on the basis of different Tasks, Functions and Responsibilities; so that it can find the right person to do the right work based on the required competencies which may be educational, experience, skills, endurance, etc.

Employee self-service portal allows employees to view and manage their HR information. Each employee has their own login information to an individual account. The self-service portal for employees can be a huge time saver for business.

Employee Self Service:

With Self-Service, employees can submit their personal details, apply leave, log time and do a whole host of other actions.

Profiles that paint a real picture (Auto CV Builder)

Let employees update their own information, and be sure you are getting the vital details. Set profile permissions so that employees can access the right fields and keep all information centralized and up to date.

Tip Top People simplifies your leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leaves across your organization: vacation, sick days, trainings, casual leaves, PL’s etc. You can also analyze absence patterns to maintain efficiency and reduce loss time.

  • Inbuilt PTO (Paid Time Off) Methodology which are flexible based on organizational rule and need
  • Custom Leaves type
  • Online Leave Application
  • Centralized view of all employees leave information
  • Leave types for individual employee, location, role and experience level
  • Import/ Export leave data.
  • Working hours and shift scheduling.
  • Early hours, Absent hours and overtime hours measurement.
  • Daily roaster and time scheduling.

Create Payroll Rule based on company policies.

  • Robust Payroll Management based on Attendance.
  • Employee ESI/ PF and other deduction as per policy.
  • Salary Calculation, Form No.16, or pay slips generation including computation of income.
  • Define Company Payroll Rule in Each Attendance Status linked with particular leave group. PTO functionality is available.
  • Process salary Based on Company Own Database. User can directly attached database of payroll and process payroll giving secrecy of payroll figures.

Get perfectly clear insights about your workforce.

Find a simple yet effective way to optimize your workforce strategies with comprehensive analytics. Tip Top People integrates with Analytics to help you know the details that matter the most, and to make sure nothing goes overlooked.

Analytics Performance and Compensation

  • Comprehensive Appraisal Model – Score based on individual KPI defined to user
  • Reports showing Chart & reports based on progress and Improvement

Know your growth rates

If you're not sure of your growth statistics, then this report is just for you. With our effective growth report, analyze your employee growth rate and make sure you're walking on a sustainable path.

  • KPI score, Achievement and performance monitoring
  • Performance Pooling Forms and evaluation

One tap to check your tasks

The task charts and reports give you a comprehensive view of the number of tasks assigned or completed, tasks that are overdue, task count by status, etc.

Communication Score/ Effective Score:

Authentication using Human identification, location Tracking and Time Recording Service.

API driven Integrated and AI based Mobile Attendance and Human Asset Tracking Application.

Attendance Check in/ Check out using Android/ IOS Smart Phone:

Overcome the problems of tracking your employees through our efficiently designed location based attendance application, real time tracking features to support Geo-fencing and Real Time Geo-tracking which delivers a guaranteed productivity from your workforce.

Maintain records of punch timing along with the location data of respective employees to ensure the effective time utilization and avoid any kind of time thefts. With the implementation of our attendance apps can track employees who are working in the office as well who are field workers, get their punch timings and punch location tracking easily within a single window.

1. Increase Productivity

Increase transparency of working scenarios with real time location tracking which allows managers to give instructions for taking out productive work from employees.

2. Real Time Location/ Live Location Ping and instant messaging

Get the current location and route details of your employees on fields or are on business trips using ping service. On real time basis employee/ supervisor can share or request to share his/ her live location to supervisor/ manager to guide them for better working and improved efficiency.

3. User/ Employee Authenticity validation using Bio Matric and Device Mac Address

Authenticate user by his/ her own Mobile device while marking his/ her attendance along with finger scanning. It will safe guard from proxy attendance marking.

4. Auto Punching in Office

With location based punching you can virtually fence all your office premises to enable auto punching with your employees mobile devices along with respective locations.

5. Multiple Platform

We have made our application to support any kind of mobile devices on platforms like Android and iOS so that you can install it on any mobile devices, or tablets of any brands.

  • Various devices like sensors, Wi-Fi devices, NFC devices, RFID devices and also actuators.
  • Authentication using human identification, location tracking and time recording service.
  • Human Assets presence is validated using NFC tags, Geo Fencing (Location Fetching through Mobile Applications) and Biometric Finger Scan.


  • Facial recognition with IR sensors for human and access validation with access control gates 

Image result for turnstile

  • Automatic Job Requisition generation Tool Based on New Requirement due to company expansion or Vacancy.
  • Job Posting is Automatic and can be handled by approval level.
  • Communication Object linked with each and every job and can track recruitment progress.
  • Job Forms are built in with Job specification and evaluation sheet.
  • Tip Top People collect the Planning Template and organically create Job Description based on Resources mapping.
  • All Vacant JDs will be automatically publish for hiring on company Careers Website and on all Job Portals – with our API Integration Tool.
  • Filters Available for specific weight age like Location and Salary for narrowing recruitment Search.
  • All Communication related to Job will drop in Job Object Message.
  • An analytic and utility engine which helps to document vision, mission, strategies, actions, training, store procedures, policies and gives a single knowledge book to Organizations.
  • Information is an organization intuitive and analytics wiki that gets linked to any application object through the TTP plug and play functionality.
  • Guide Of Enterprise defining risk management and succession planning.
  • Dynamic Template based on Category and can be tailor made.