Our Cloud Services


Tip Top Platform (PAAS)

Future Proof your IT with One platform for all application Infrastructure &  Integration


Tip Top WIKI (KMS)


Get All your Intellectual assets and information at one place with integrated collaboration &  knowledge management solution

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Tip Top mail (MPAAS)
(Message-Mail Platform as a service )

Make your IT,people and processes connected with communication and collaboration platform 

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Tip Top Manager (HUMS)

Complete  Human Resource Development &  Management Solution

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Tip Top People (P-PAAS)
(Profile Platform as a service )

Save time on maintaining people profiles use our ready profile Platform

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Tip Top Business (SERP)

Move Beyond CPM to SERP (Services, Effectiveness, Resources & Planning)

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Tip Top Advisor

Know your Reputation and External Environment

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Custom Products

We have a flexible API library that can help developers create custom ERP solutions or Custom API can be built on our TipTop Planet  eco system

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